Race Tickets

Race tickets

If you would like to kart – but cannot get together 4-5 friends to join – you can come and buy a race ticket that lets you to participate in any forthcoming 7-minutes race – with free go-karts – and practice in order to be the best among your friends next time you come together.

The prices of race tickets are shown in the table below:


1 race gokart ticket

3 race gokart ticket

5 race gokart ticket

10 race gokart ticket *

25 race gokart ticket **



4.000 HUF

11.000 HUF

17.500 HUF

34.000 HUF

80.000 HUF

1.200 HUF


1 day

1 day

1 day

1 month

1 year


All the tickets are available as gift vouchers that you can buy at our reception desk or online. Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year.

*   can be used by max 3 people (and can not be combined with the 25 race ticket)

** can be used by max 5 people (and can not be combined with the 10 races ticket)