Useful Info


In this guide you can find everything what you should know about karting

What is a run?

A run is the basic unit of karting that means you can ride for a given time, for example 7 minutes at us, and run as many laps as you can. This would be an average of 12 laps for our guests.

What does the lap time mean?

Lap time is the time during which you run a lap on the track with the go-kart. This is usually shown as minutes, seconds and tenths, hundredths and thousandths of a second in the following form: 00:37.325

I am very tall, can I use the go-kart comfortably?

Yes, it will be super-comfortable for you as well, because in our electric go-karts the seat and pedals are adjustable even for extreme sizes. (125 – 200 cm)

From what age it is possible to ride go-karts?

There is no legal restriction about riding age, only the height limits. However, the seat and the pedals are adjustable, we recommend a minimum height of 125 cm.

Can I drive the go-kart backward?

Unlike an average gas powered kart our electric go-karts have a reverse function that helps you when stuck on the racetrack.

Is it compulsory to wear a helmet?

Yes, it is compulsory for your safety but we have helmets for all head sizes for maximum comfort.

What does the track record mean?

Track record is for one lap and it is the synonym for “best lap time”. It can be interpreted as the best lap time of a person or as the best lap time of a group of people.

Is there any “dress code” on the track?

Yes, during gokarting you always have to wear a closed pair of shoes and helmet. Sandals and slippers are not allowed because of safety reasons. Wearing scarfs, long coats and pullovers is also forbidden!

Is it worth drifting the go-karts in the turns?

Yes, if you want to experience the cool feeling of drifting with the kart in the turns. But those who take their foot off the gas run better laps than those who drift in the turns.

What are the dangers of karting?

There is a chance that you drift out from the racetrack, but our flexible railings buffer the effect of crashes. Our go-karts are safe and are equipped with sensors that alerts the riders crashing a lot to watch their driving style. In addition, the go-karts have an adjustable speed limit for children that guarantees their safety. Of course it is compulsory for everyone to wear a helmet!