The track


FlashKart is not only outstanding in Hungary with its electric go-karts, but also with its railing system. Why is it so unique?

Instead of the usual railings built out of tires, we have something safer and more flexible. The railings are made with the use of 1.5 km long, 4.8 tons of plastic pipes, 500 meters of plastic sheets, 4000 screws and washers and 95 springs of different sizes. This system “floats” on the surface, it is not tied down but stabilized by springs, so it absorbs the crushes and sends back the kart on the track, regaining its original shape. Why is it good?

Because if you miss the turn and go off the track, you do not have to wait for the stuff to help you get back on, you can continue the race immediately. In the worst case you just have to reverse to get back on the track.

Layout of the track


1   entrance

2   reception and bar

3   podium

4   cabinets and helmets

5   pit

6   starting grid

7   toilets