Totally brand-new

With opening FlashKart track our goal was not only to bring gokarting to the downtown of Budapest but also to bring the more and more popular electric driving experience closer to the large group of car enthusiasts.


To create this brand-new experience in Budapest we not only chose the best electric gokarts but we also wanted to break the used tires appearance of the existing gokart tracks. Therefore we started to use a new track barrier system which is far more stylish than the thousands of reinforced second-hand tires, moreover it provides bigger safety to our guests.

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electric gokart


Driving is facing big changes nowdays. The change did not avoid the world of gokarts either. Find out more about our karts and their performance then visit us and try them!


the gokart track


We set us a goal not to have the same, old, used-tire barrier system that all the other tracks provide which caused many accidents. We wanted to make something innovative, stylish and safe. Learn more about our new barrier system!


useful information


We collected the most useful information about gokarting. If you have questions first look around here.


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